Testimonials from people
who have used the Beam telepresence robot


Beamers share their experience

Many "beamers" have been using our range of telepresence robots in a business or personal environment. Whether famous or anonymous, they all appreciate the performance and advantages of Beam mobile robots, that among other things enables them to:

  • be virtually present in a convivial way in several places at the same time ;
  • participate remotely in high definition in inaugurations, meetings, etc... ;
  • be teleported in a few clicks on a computer, to the other end of the world ;
  • offer disabled people virtual access when premises are inaccessible to them ;
  • move about and talk in high definition as if they were present.

And many other possibilities that you can find out about in interviews with famous people like Philippe Starck as well as ordinary people, conducted in 2015 about how they use this market-leading Beam telepresence solution.

Beamers interviews