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Alexandre Brouzes is the director of France water customer care and individual customer BU at SUEZ. He describes the advantages of the innovation implemented by introducing connected appraisal service for customers thanks to the BeamPro telepresence robot.

Conseiller à distance : le cas SUEZ

“The BeamPro telepresence solution was deployed following innovative listening and design thinking work to improve the quality of user services at SUEZ.
In Chamonix, we now have customer care experts based in Bourgoin Jallieu (Isère – 38) who guide the customer, and give them advice and solutions for their “water” issues. This solution enables the remote adviser to be fully present, and to have visual and mobile contact with customers which has proven fully satisfactory. In locations where attendance is low, this solution is an alternative that makes it possible to truly improve the service.”

This high definition mobile video conference solution has enabled Alexandre Brouzes to give his teams the capability to carry out remote appraisals via teleporting, and to give his customers a very innovative connected customer care experience.

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