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For an event, a marketing operation, or simply to make it unique and wear your colors, you want to customize your Beam or BeamPro? Discover how Awabot personalize your telepresence robot.

BEAM customization: what is the process?

Partial personalization for Beam or total customization for BeamPro, for an event or for a long time, the customization of your telepresence device is carried out in a customized way, on supply of a graphic charter, and respects several steps:

  1. the graphic proposal, realised by a specialized designer;
  2. the production of the design, generally requiring the printing of stickers, film covering, or the painting of the robot:
  3. the preparation of the shipment within our warehouse.

The delay varies between two weeks and one month depending on the project.

Which covering for your telepresence robot?

Beam: permanent or temporary personalization

The BEAM telepresence robot can be customized very simply by vinyl adhesives laying on 4 areas:

  • front body ;
  • back of the head ;
  • front mobile base ;
  • back of the mobile base.

BeamPro: partial or complete event wrapping

For your events or one-time marketing operations, the covering technique is ideal for original and impactful creations, integrating, for example, motifs or graphic effects.

The adhesive film can be partially or fully applied.

BeamPro: permanent covering

In order to ensure the durability of your customization, painting is the preferred technique, combined with vinyl adhesive logos laying on the back of the head and on the mobile base.

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