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At the Embedded World trade show, which is being held in Nuremburg from 23 to 25 February, Awabot’s Research and Development team is presenting the EMOX companion robot at the stall of Nvidia, a global leader in visual computing technology.

How can we “augment” mobile telepresence? This is the challenge facing the Awabot Intelligence team, which researches and conceptualises features to enhance mobile telepresence and help users.
The EMOX project is a perfect example of such enhancement. Featuring an audio and video system, two cameras and a movement system, this robot can be remotely controlled via a web telepresence platform or an Android app.

The system, which is fully embedded in Nvidia Jetson TK1 and TX1 motherboards, is intelligent enough to enable the robot to move fully independently, adapt to its environment, and interact with its users. The robot is thus first and foremost a companion robot, capable of recognising faces, gestures and objects and expressing emotions through sounds and movements.

On display at the Nvidia stall for the duration of the Embedded World trade show, this prototype demonstrates Awabot’s robotics expertise and core focus.