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Back to school is fast approaching! Vacations are over, the alarm will start ringing again. All the Awabot team hopes you had a great summer and wishes you a good return to work. Who says back to work, says novelties. What if this new year was the opportunity to take new good habits at work? Better for you, your company and our planet. Here are our tips for getting back to the office on the right foot!

1. Switch to telepresence

Of course, telepresence is our core business . Many years that we have been using it within our company, and the least we can say is that we have more than tested and approved it.

Adopting this device will allow you to greatly improve the quality of your interactions with the people and the world around you. A fluidity of exchanges that video conferencing can not match.

Moreover, it is a good way to reduce your travel costs and pollution. For example, SEM SUHNER, an industrial player with recognized know-how since 1962, has reduced its carbon footprint by 83% by adopting telepresence. This is a significant reduction in view of the climate emergency and soaring fuel prices.

2. Reduce waste

Speaking of energy consumption, in a company, simple oversights, such as leaving a light on or small excesses when using the air conditioning, can quickly happen and be very costly not only to your company, but also to our planet. In the face of global warming, this year it is more than ever time to take a stand for an eco-responsible corporate culture and to encourage your employees to consume more moderately. Temperature range in the premises, water fountain and reusable water bottles, sorting policy… small habits easy to adopt but which, thanks to the strength of a collective, allow big changes.

3. Take real breaks

Get some fresh air for 10-15 minutes, have a cup of coffee, chat with your colleagues… airing your mind is far from being a waste of time. On the contrary, your brain needs it. Disconnecting from your work for even a few minutes will help boost your creativity and productivity, while relieving your stress. Here is a good habit to put into practice!

4. Take care of your eyes

In this digital age, many workers spend all their time glued to their screens. A practice that in the long run can lead to a certain fatigue. To rest your eyes, anti blue light glasses exist and can soothe the feeling of dry eye. Simply closing your eyelids for about 20 seconds is also a good way to calm your irritations. Reducing the brightness and switching on an anti-fatigue mode on your monitor can also save you from a few headaches at the end of your work day.

5. Write down your objectives

If at work you regularly have the impression that you are doing one task after another, taking the time to write down your goals, whether they are long or short term, will allow you to have a red thread to follow. Checking off a new task will give you a certain satisfaction and a good dose of dopamine. In this way, you will be able to truly realize the missions accomplished, which will boost your motivation and consequently your productivity. Small daily personal achievements that are good for morale and ego!

6. Break your routine

In love as in work, weariness is not good. As a new healthy habit we recommend you to change your habits. Yes. Changing one element of your daily routine from time to time can do you a lot of good: walking a little way or getting up earlier to have breakfast at a café before work. In other words, break the metro-business-sleep rhythm. Nothing better to arrive at work in a good mood and share good vibes with your colleagues.

7. Look on the bright side

At work, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours on a task and not getting it done. Instead of dwelling on how unsuccessful you were, look for the positives. Despite the failure, you probably learned something new and that’s what you should focus on. Easier said than done, but “to fail is to have the opportunity to start over in a smarter way,” as Henry Ford said.

8. Take care of your body and mind

It’s no secret that physical activity has a major impact on the way you spend your day. Going to the gym, riding your bike to work, swimming at least once or twice a week… taking time for yourself every day, outside of your professional activity, is essential to evacuate your daily stress. Feeling good about your body also requires a healthy diet. For this, nothing is better than preparing your own meal rather than eating a burger dripping with fat and fries during your lunch break. And your wallet will thank you for it!

9. Listen to music

You may already be a fan of music at work and you’re absolutely right. In fact, according to several studies by the University of Birmingham in England, listening to music is an effective way to improve our productivity. It is good to know that instrumental melodies are the ones that increase our concentration and productivity the most. On the other hand, music that contains lyrics tends to distract us from our task. So if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, don’t hesitate to try it yourself during the month of September. On the main streaming platforms, you will find a lot of playlists designed to be listened to while working.

10. Have a good sleep cycle

Getting a good night’s sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, sleep and productivity are intimately linked. According to scientific studies, sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night at regular times greatly increases our efficiency at work. A lack of sleep can indeed have many negative consequences. First of all, it impacts energy of course, but also decision making, motivation, problem solving, memory or even creativity. In order to improve the quality of life at work of their employees, some companies are even experimenting with the provision of rest rooms or nap bars. Indeed, NASA has proven that 20 minutes of nap time can increase productivity by up to 35%.

We hope these 10 tips will help you get back to work a little more serenely. And above all keep in mind that the vacations may be over, but the sun is still shining.

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