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Hervé Legros is the founder and CEO of Alila, a property developer specialising in construction of subsidised housing. The high performance Beam telepresence solution enables him to teleport to his head office in Lyon in just a few clicks, completely independently.

“I acquired a BEAM telepresence robot four months ago. My personal objective was to optimise my working time and be more efficient. My company has several offices throughout France, and so I travel a great deal. The BeamPro robot is my avatar at the head office in Lyon. It enables me to be ubiquitous. It’s a truly operational tool that enables me to keep in contact every day with my management team, and also with my employees. I can attend meetings and participate in informal conversations.

My colleagues fully understand how the system works, and don’t hesitate to stop my BeamPro robot in a corridor to give me some information, bring me up to date about progress on a project, or show me drawings on their computer. It’s very easy to interact because Beam moves around, there’s no longer any need for a dedicated video conference room. This enables me to stay in close contact with my teams in their daily working environment. Beam is ingenious, a real communication facilitator that brings remote conversations “to life”, …. truly a 2.0 revolution!”

This high definition mobile video conference solution is a godsend for a company boss who now, with just a few clicks, is able to teleport themselves to the other end of the country without having to spend half their day in trains or planes. An innovative telepresence solution that optimises the working time of a CEO, with utter simplicity.

Interview conducted in July 2015.

If you too would like to Beam in with this market-leading telepresence robot, contact our teams and try out this experience for yourself.

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