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Edward Snowden, the former NSA computer, spoke via BeamPro this January 7, 2016 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the largest high-tech world event held in moment in Las Vegas.

He used BeamPro mobile telepresence robot to meet Peter H. Diamandis, founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation and co-founder and executive chairman of Singularity University, on the Suitable Technologies booth, developer of BEAM technology.

Once again, Edward Snowden chose the high performance BeamPro telepresence robot to ensure his live remote presence and interact from Moscow at CES in Las Vegas. This is the second time the whistleblower uses BEAM telepresence system: its first telepresence experience took place on the stage of TED2014.

The announcement was made on January 6th via Twitter. The Twittos were invited to put their questions to Edward Snowden by sending them to Peter Diamandis.