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– EDIT of January 2021: the BEAM application for tablets and smartphones is currently unavailable on the App Store and Google Play due to redesign. –

Are you a « beamer »? If so then sign on to the App Store or Google Play to download the BEAM SMART PRESENCE application for tablet or smartphone and take control of your telepresence robot from any location that is connected! Hypermobility is now yours !

At the beginning, BeamPro and Beam+ telepresence robots could be used exclusivley via a computer with Wifi or 4G connection. BEAM technology has however evolved so that you can become hypermobile : all you need to do is download the BEAM SMART PRESENCE application on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Androïd) to be present and mobile in two places at the same time.

At the office or at home, on public transport or even in a public location with WiFi connection, you can interact and move around both in the place where you are and where you teleport yourself to using the BEAM mobile telepresence robot. It is a way to ensure that you are even more available for your clients, colleagues, and friends and family. You can maintain a link with them at any time at a distance with the utmost flexibility.

The BEAM mobile telepresence system is the first to offer a steering interface that can be accessed via all supports and operating systems. The first version of the BEAM SMART PRESENCE application is free and available right now at the App Store and on Google Play.