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At the end of November, students in actuarial science from the International University of Rabat, in partnership with Lyon’s Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances (financial science and insurance institute), were able to meet French recruitment consultants without actually having to go anywhere. They used the Beam+ telepresence robot in Morocco to be interviewed by and interact with potential employers with the aim of landing a job.

Martial, Ayoub, Ali and Fiacre Wilson, students at the IUR, put themselves forward for the unusual experience of interviewing for a job with French professionals in the world of actuarial science using the Beam+Max telepresence robot.

“Mobility is a real plus compared to Skype!”

“We are looking for an internship or a work placement/study contract. Our university, in partnership with the ISFA de Lyon, gave us the opportunity to meet French recruitment consultants by “beaming”. The stress that goes with a standard interview was still there but the fun side of the telepresence robot eased the pressure and made us feel at ease.
Manoeuvering the robot is quite simple: we play video games and steering the Beam+ is quite the same. Mobility is a real plus compared to Skype : BEAM enables you to meet and interact with people as if you are really there with them. We had some minor problems with the connection but they didn’t affect our oral communication which was fabulous.”, explains Fiacre Wilson.

“Being able to move around means that the contact is more direct than your basic video conference “

Recruitment consultant, Jérôme VUARIER, Risk Manager at Axeria Prévoyance, also appreciated the fun aspect of this interview. “At first I thought it was funny and a bit strange to see the students moving around from office to office. But actually, using this type of device enables the candidates to set themselves apart from the rest and I don’t think there is much difference between video and reality. I thought that the contact was more direct than with standard video conferencing.
For us recruitment consultants, it is also a way of meeting new people whom we would not have had the opportunity to meet due to geographical constraints.”

A new recruitment tool, BEAM mobile telepresence robots turn their noses up at distance and borders to expand the field of professional encounters.

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