So you want to enhance your BEAM experience? All you have to do is follow the helpful tips gathered from feedback from our community of “Beamers”!

Before starting, make sure your computer is connected to a wired (Ethernet) network or that your WiFi connection is really good. To get the very best out of the best experience, you need an efficient Internet connection with a symmetrical bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps.

#1 Set up your beaming space

You need to give yourself an area of 3 m² around your workstation. Keep peripheral devices handy (keyboard and mouse).  This will make navigating the BEAM steering interface easier and make it easier for you to make adjustments.

#2 Webcam: getting the best image possible on the BEAM robot screen

Bear in mind that you have to look straight at the camera to speak to your contacts.
Settle yourself comfortably and face the camera: sit so that the camera can see your face and the top of your shoulders.
Also think about what’s behind you: use a neutral background, make sure there are no windows and no light to avoid backlighting.
On the equipment side of things, we recommend that you use a high definition webcam, like the Logitech C920 with built-in microphones.

#3 Audio: hearing better means better listening

There is a “volume” button on the menu bar of the steering interface: adjust the sound level to your liking once you are connected. If you are using a BeamPro, the “party mode” or “anti-noise mode” is recommended when the robot is being used in a noisy environment in order to reduce background noise: this setting can be found in “Audio” options and may be activated by ticking the corresponding box.  

If you are beaming from a shared space, it would be better to use headphones to ensure privacy and not bother the people around you.  

#4 Microphone:  being understood

The first thing you have to do when connecting to a mobile telepresence robot is check your voice volume with your contact.  A microphone icon, located on the menu bar, will enable you to adjust your voice sound level. Use a hands-free kit with integrated speakers for better voice reproduction.

Trouble-free steering

Use the mouse and arrow keys alternately to steer the robot in a precise, safe manner. When you move your mouse on the lower screen, the blue lines show the path you are taking and enable you to judge the distance between both obstacles. Don’t hesitate to make use of it!

Share any “beaming” tips you may have on Twitter mentioning @Awabot and the #BEAM hashtag.

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