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Using mobile telepresence systems in health care establishments is a foregone conclusion: RoboCare Lab, who has developed innovative services for the functionally dependent elderly is now using Beam+, the most compact telepresence robots available on the market, in order to enable the nearest and dearest of residents of nursing homes for the elderly to pay them a remote visit.

“We are delighted to be able to experiment with Awabot’s Beam+ robots in a real live situation and show how useful it is to have teleprsence solutions in nursing homes for the elderly” declared Dominique Blasco, co-founder with Faissal Houhou of RoboCARE Lab. In serving the Silver Economy, telepresence solutions are proving to provide a strong link for the social cohesion that unites residents and their loved ones.

The number of elderly people, even those living in nursing homes, experiencing loneliness is increasing. In 2014 the Fondation de France revealed that one in eight French people experience loneliness and one in four is aged 75 and over. Whether it is a question of not having enough time or being too far away or even being afraid of being confronted with people of a “grand old age”, paying a visit to a grandparent who is living in a residential home is no mean feat.

Together with Awabot’s help, RoboCare Lab is banking on promoting more frequent remote virtual visits thanks to a number of BEAM telepresence robots made available to them and thus increasing the quality time that residents spend with their loved ones. Families will be able to connect to one of the robots in the home their computer and communicate with the senior members of the family whilst on the move.

“The innovative services developed by the RoboCARE Lab benefitting the elderly are completely in tune with our strategy for promoting Beam telepresence robots in all areas of activity as they offer a wide range of uses. There are a multitude of technological solutions all around us (telephone, email, videoconferencing etc.) that help people not to feel alone. Telepresence robots bring a human aspect to this exchange of information » commented Jérémie Koessler, Managing Director of Awabot.​