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Innorobo is over! This event on the theme of innovation provided an opportunity to discover the latest advances in robotics in Europe. A summary of the most important trends in three words (or almost!).

Socialise: pride of place to social robots!

Welcome, interact, and serve… in shopping malls, at special events or at home, robots are now closer at hand than ever! Take the example of the Heasy mobile interactive information terminal designed by Hease Robotics; it is equipped with 3D cameras and laser sensors, that works in the realm of customer relations.

Or the companion robot Buddy, which is set to win over French households with its wealth of applications for the home (autostart of home equipment and control of connected objects) and its occupants (games and educational content). Awabot knows all about Buddy, because our Services department continues to develop applications for Buddy with Blue Frog Robotics.

Socialise is the keyword at Awabot, which also presented the most human of all robots, BEAM, through use cases described by customers themselves.

Empower: of robots and men.

Cobots also came under the spotlight. We met Colossus, a robot designed to put out fires remotely and to minimise risks for fire fighters.

Awabot’s Relay autonomous mobile delivery robot from Savioke, designed for the tertiary sector, also demonstrated its complete range of talents, in particular during a Tech’Talk by its creator, Steve Cousins.

Develop: robots that are useful and usable!

But what would robots be without their robotics ecosystem, which plays a fundamental role in their integration for end users? Florian Nebout, Head of Services and R&D, spoke on this subject at Innorobo 2017, and shared the keys to the success of a robotics project. His presentation is available at the following address:

Successful robotics projects from Awabot

As you have probably already realised, as an expert in the “Robot Experience”, Awabot is capable of addressing all kinds of issues related to robotics.
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