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Awabot Intelligence is looking for a Robotics Software Engineer to explore algorithms for social path planning in dynamic human environments.

About us

For ten years, Awabot has been fostering the field of service robotics with human-robot interactions in mind.

Awabot Intelligence, the internal entity of Awabot specialised in service robotics consulting and software development, is now looking for a Robotics Software Engineer to explore algorithms for social path planning in dynamic human environments.

About you

Final year MSc student in Robotics or Computer Science, you are looking for a 6-month internship. 

Autonomous, rigorous and innovative, you feel confident in the following fields:

  • good level of understanding of complex mathematical models and algorithmic;
  • C++ and Python programming;
  • good writing skills and fluent English.

A first experience working with the ROS/ROS2 framework and associated Gazebo simulation tools  will be appreciated. Also, French basics is a plus but not mandatory


Awabot Intelligence develops and integrates autonomous navigation systems (SLAM, path planning, path following) for service robots.

The robots integrating these technologies are sometimes designed to navigate in crowded environments and interact with people around them.

However, most of the current path planning algorithms only aim to optimize travel time and safety, with no concerns regarding the inherent social dimension of a human environment.

To achieve this, the R&D team at Awabot would like to explore the state-of-the-art of social path planning to help service robots behave more naturally in daily life situations (e.g., navigating a crowded train station). An extended use case for these algorithms would be to guide any human remotely operating a robot by indicating the most adequate trajectories to safely navigate in complex situations.

The overall software solution will be based on the existing software stacks developed by Awabot Intelligence, allowing the candidate to entirely focus on developing innovative path planning algorithms.

The project will take place during 6 months, ideally with the following steps:

  1. Study of the state-of-the-art in path planning and social robotics. Hands-on the current navigation and machine learning stacks used and developed  by Awabot Intelligence ;
  2. Identification of an adequate solution to the above described problem. Metrics definition for performance analysis ;
  3. Software implementation of the solution (ROS, C++, Python) ;
  4. Virtual environment implementation and tooling for complete testing in simulation ;
  5. (OPTIONAL) Integration and testing on an actual robot.

Position to be filled near Lyon, France.

Starting date from : january 2022 for 6 months.

Bonus : legal minimum

Interested? Send your CV and cover letter to with the reference SPP.

If you do not receive a reply from us within 3 weeks, you may consider that we cannot give a favorable response to your application.