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Since 2020, COVID-19 has been part of our daily lives, deeply questioning all of our social interactions. A favorable context for videoconferencing tools and more generally, all technologies allowing remote interaction. And what about the telepresence robot?

Distance and videoconference: the growth of virtual communication

For 2 years, the question of the impact of the health crisis on the mobile telepresence market has been coming back regularly: “Has COVID benefited your business?”

Indeed, the context has clearly accelerated the growth of the robotic telepresence market:

  • teleworking and more generally, hybrid work, has become normalized;
  • videoconferencing has penetrated both professional and private spheres;
  • video-communication solutions such as telepresence robots have also been used in places such as industrial sites or stores and other events welcoming the public.

The metaverse: a new playground for social interactions

Sign that the period is opportune: the arrival of the metaverse, a virtual world which will soon merge with the real world, in which we will be able to meet ourselves and interact in very diverse environments.

Telepresence robot: a phygital complement to videoconferencing

The relevance of the telepresence robot as a response to the COVID context is now clearly validated by companies, industries or even retail… This disruptive technology is in the adoption phase. It also appears as a phygital bridge to the famous metaverse.

Between videoconferencing and an avatar, the telepresence robot makes it possible to be present everywhere, and in particular where videoconferencing is not.

It is a way to stay in touch with your employees during a period of isolation and to maintain the social link between people working from home and those on site, by sharing formal (meeting) and informal (coffee machine) exchanges ;

In addition, it is also a new mode of “transport” to teleport to places that you visit, such as industrial sites, trade fairs, museums, etc.

This last point is particularly important in the current environmental context: companies are indeed encouraged to maximize their environmental performance.

Our wish for 2022

The use of the telepresence robot is a practice consistent with a CSR approach: it makes it possible to travel less but better and thus, to reduce its environmental footprint without losing interactions.

So, if there was to be just one reason to use BEAM, it would be the latter. Indeed, all we wish for you for 2022 is to finally share real moments with family, friends, colleagues or new people, simply and freely.

The Awabot team wishes you a very happy end of the year!