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When Awabot began in the mobile telepresence market in 2014, it was convinced that this technology was going to quite simply, overcome distance and bring those who needed to be together, CLOSER…

What we did not really realise, was to what extent it was going to establish ties, promoting exchange not only in the formal sense to build relationships, manage, find solutions and learn but also in the informal sense to chat, joke around, confide in others and simply SHARE.

The mobile telepresence robot as a tool for SOLIDARITY. Why not?
If we take a look back at 2016, we can see that this value is very much a part of most of the projects: 

  • VIK-e conduit with le Centre Léon Bérard, the APPEL association and Bristol Meyer Squibb, which connects children in hospital with the outside world;
  • same for the “Robot Lycéen” project backed by la Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, l’Institut Français de l’Education, the I.D.E.A programme and l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, who have been the first to believe in this tool and who have renewed the contract for 2017 ;
  • and there is even the creation of a new service by SUEZ who is deploying robots enabling clients living in so-called “remote areas” to meet, see and maintain a relationship with their advisor remotely, but as realistically as possible!
Voeux 2017 Awabot

Solidarity also binds together a company undergoing transformation, with the arrival of new professions, marking the end of the traditional office in favour of open space working areas, getting rid of professional and personal barriers. We aren’t the ones saying this; 95% of all working people questioned in a recent study actually said so. They placed solidarity as the major PERFORMANCE lever, not far behind technological equipment.

We can only agree in view of this statement, as part of the Awabot team has just moved into a  coworking space with the aim of always maintaining an interest in new working methods. Being at the heart of this EMULATION is thanks to the open mindedness of coworkers from many different backgrounds and with many different skills.

2016 saw mobile telepresence establish itself in the world of human resources:  proof of this can be seen in the commercialisation of Beam+ by Orange, who after having tested and approved the robot in-house, decided to share this TECHNOLOGY with professionals.

And so at the end of this year, we would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for the work that we are currently undertaking together and that we will be undertaking together in the future. We trust that 2017 will be full of hope, enthusiasm and wonderful projects to create or secure!


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