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Gaëlle is a private law jurist specialised in healthcare, and suffers from a motor disability. She tells us about the role the mobile telepresence solution provided by Awabot played in her job-seeking efforts.

“I used the BeamPro robot as part of my job-seeking actions. I live in Lyon, and wanted to attend an “Emploi Handicap” employment fair in Paris, for the disabled. Since I was unable to travel with my electric wheelchair, I was worried about how tired I would be if I had to travel using my crutches. The fair organiser suggested I might like to use a telepresence robot for a virtual visit I was surprised at first, and contacted the Awabot teams to find out more. An engineer explained how to get started with the system. This very educational training reassured me, and the next day I went on a virtual visit to the fair.
I received a very warm welcome when I arrived. People were amused by this concept of a “human robot”, and as for the recruiters, they were quite impressed. This helped to validate my job search. It was a differentiating factor, and demonstrated my motivation and energy. I have not obtained a job interview yet, but I have had very positive feedback. I would love to repeat this very rewarding experience!”

This mobile video conference solution for job-seekers with reduced mobility is an innovative alternative, enabling Gaëlle to virtually teleport herself more than 2 hours from her home, with a just a few clicks of her mouse.

Interview conducted in June 2015.

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