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French labour reforms and the law on the energy transition and green growth, which includes the notion of a “mobility plan”, have prompted businesses to reconsider the way their employees travel. An ideal opportunity for the development of home-working, provided that the right tools are made available for remote collaboration.

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Since 1 January 2018, companies in France employing more than 100 people have been obliged to draw up an action plan covering employee travel. The goal is to improve mobility-related economic and environmental balances. Solutions include more ecological means of transport (bicycles, public transport, car-sharing, etc.) and incentives for home-working.

In parallel to the mobility plan, reforms to labour legislation will also encourage businesses to simplify, and generalise access to home-working, which increasing numbers of workers are aspiring to.

These trends are prompting managers to raise the question of the tools to be used to enable managers to remain in touch with their teams, to supervise them from a distance, by staying in close touch, and to consider home-workers as if they were actually in the office. These tools must also enable home workers to remain fully integrated in the site’s everyday activities with their colleagues, and combat the isolation that remote workers sometimes suffer from.

The mobile telepresence robot: a means of transport just like any other.

The typical day of employees who use BEAM.

Mobile telepresence is a means of access to the enterprise that deserves to be taken very seriously. The mobile video conferencing robot is a shared and collaborative solution that optimises employee and manager travel, while also encouraging collaboration within teams. Users are free to move around their remote space, and do not depend on their contacts in order to meet the people they want to see.

For home-workers, who need to be just as agile and responsive as when they work at the office, and who need to stay in contact with other employees and their managers, the BEAM mobile telepresence solution is a genuine alternative worthy of the same consideration as the bicycle or public transport.

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