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The French designer and interior decorator Philippe Starck uses the BeamPro telepresence robot every day to be virtually present at the office. He and his co-workers greatly appreciate the robot, as it enables him to connect up and interact with them in just a few clicks.

“I am the hardest working lazy person in the world. I was overjoyed with the arrival of mobile phones, faxes, e-mail, Skype, all of which enabled me to spend less and less time at the office. Absolute bliss.
Now, I don’t have go to the office at all, because my BeamPro robot is replacing me. People even say that it is an improvement on the original, and that my company functions better without me, just with Mr Beam.”

This mobile video-conference solution for the world of business is an innovative and above all extremely useful tool, enabling Philippe Starck to acquire the gift of ubiquity. He can no longer do without it!

Interview conducted in May 2015.