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Rendez-vous at the Parc OL on 19th March for a new « #RobotSupporter »  operation brought to you by the OL Foundation with Awabot : to mark the end of National Fight Against Cancer Week, children will be able to go to the OL-FC NANTES match from the Léon Bérard  Centre, connected to  a BeamPro mobile telepresence robot.   

On 24th January, during the OL-OM match at the Parc OL, Marie, 16 and Anthony, 11, both hospitalised in sterile rooms at the Institut d’Hématologie et d’Oncologie Pédiatrique de Lyon (children’s haematology and cancer institute)  were able to sneak into the dressing rooms and take a peak behind the scenes at the match, each one of them connected to a  mobile telepresence robot.  They met and chatted to players including Mathieu Valbuena and Alexandre Lacazette, and also celebrities present at the match such as  Jamel Debbouze, Basile Boli, Jean-Michel Aulas, Christophe Dugarry and even Laurent Paganelli.

Moved by the children’s emotion and the audience’s reaction, the OL Foundation, in partnership with Awabot, is renewing this package on 19th March to mark the end of National Fight Against Cancer Week when OL meet FC Nantes.

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