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Marion Beaufront is the events coordinator at IHOP (Lyon Institute of Child Oncology and Haematology). She tells us about how important the virtual presence solution provided by Awabot is for children in reverse isolation rooms, who would not be able to participate in cultural events in Lyon without the mobility provided by the Beam telepresence robot.

“I use BeamPro very regularly to allow children who cannot leave the hospital, or who are in reverse isolation rooms, to participate in the events we organise. All year around, Awabot puts these robots at our disposal, so that we can enable them to enjoy cultural events such as the European Museum Night, the inauguration of the Confluences Museum, concerts in the hospital hall, NRJ Music Tours, etc. Several children have participated in these events. It’s fantastic to see how happy they are when they experience these events remotely thanks to robotics, and when they tell me it’s as if they were actually physically present. They are very keen on BEAM technology and can’t wait to use it. Telepresence enables them to escape from the isolation caused by their disease, and takes their mind off it. Everything then becomes accessible to them, once more.”

This high definition mobile virtual presence solution from Awabot is an innovative solution for the medical field. It has enabled child hospital patients to teleport with just a few clicks to cultural events they would not have been able to attend otherwise.

Interview conducted in May 2015.

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