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This weekend, on the Paul Ricard circuit located in Le Castellet, Awabot once again aroused astonishment by deploying two telepresence devices near the Formula 1 pits.

Last May, Awabot had already activated two robots during the Spanish Grand Prix, at the initiative of Formula 1. Five fans of this motor sport, suffering from serious diseases, were able to live the event as if they were there. This time, no less than six young people were able to walk along the pit lane thanks to telepresence robots. Among them, Valentina, Lidiia and Ilona, all Formula 1 fans, were connected from Ukraine and shared special moments with the drivers.

From the French F1 Grand Prix to Ukraine

“I am so happy! I got to talk to my idols! Since I was a child, I’ve been a big Formula 1 fan, but even in my wildest dreams, I would never have dared to imagine having the opportunity to talk to the drivers! Thanks to the organizers, it was perfect!” said Lidiia.

As for Ilona, she still can’t believe it:

“Can you imagine that it is possible to pilot a robot, being in another country and having just four keys of your keyboard to use? It’s amazing! (…) Watching interviews with drivers and team managers is great, but being able to communicate with them and ask them, by yourself, about things that interest you, is completely incredible!

The pilots did not fail to express their solidarity towards these three young girls, very touched by their support and their kindness.

Telepresence robots for disabled fans

In France, Grégoire, connected from the hospital in Aix-en-Provence, experienced an unforgettable moment thanks to the telepresence robot. His parents feel very grateful:

“Grégoire has spent a lot of time in the hospital over the past few months and he would not have been able to spend the day in the noise, heat and crowds. The robot allowed him to enjoy the events without fatigue.”

Idriss, a 9 year old paraplegic kart driver, had the opportunity to talk about speed sports with Pierre Gasly during this weekend in Castellet. An exchange that he is certainly not ready to forget!

Paddock, pit-lane, motorhome… Visit to the heart of the “Summer Race”

During this weekend, the telepresence connected people had the opportunity to walk around the paddock, close to the F1 teams. Some of them even had the chance to get close to the pits and to watch the tire changing practices. On Sunday, before the race started, the two robots were on the starting line with the drivers during the parade. Unforgettable memories made possible by telepresence robotics.

In the alleys of the paddock, the customised robots bearing the Formula 1 logo did not go unnoticed and many passers-by were enthusiastic about these devices. The press also got into the game, as this article from RTL shows.

This Formula 1 initiative aims to promote the inclusion of sports enthusiasts who are unable to participate for health or distance reasons: a mission that has been accomplished, to say the least, for Valentina, Lidiia, Ilona, Idriss, Grégoire and Florian, as well as for the drivers and their teams.

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