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“BeamPro mobile video conferencing is great! The design, however…” “Neutral”, “austere” and in extreme cases, “ugly”. The words used to describe the most efficient mobile telepresence robot on the market are not always kind (we thought we’d just remind you!). You are not going to believe this but it has been done on purpose! Let us explain.

Using design as an emotional link is a key challenge in robotics today.  It is an extremely valid issue when talking about assistive robots such as Buddy, Nao and Pepper. The difference between a 100% artificial intelligence companion robot and the mobile telepresence robot is that the human being steering it is connected to it and is not looking to be socially accepted.

In simple terms, here are the top three questions people ask about the design of the  BeamPro mobile temepresence robot .

  1. Why is the BeamPro’s design so neutral?

Good question ! There are two reasons for this “apparent sobriety”: first of all, the focus is on the connected user and not on the machine, hence the wish to offer remote users the chance to adapt the simply-designed robot to their own needs. They can even customise it, an example being the OL Foundation robot).

  1. Why does the BeamPro robot not have arms?

To open doors? To give hugs? Let us remember that  the robot is not supposed to replace human beings. It simply enhances classic video conferencing by offering mobility and thus promoting remote communication with two or more contacts. And in 2016, who’s to say that doors shouldn’t open by themselves?

  1. Why does BeamPro not have a rear camera?

Do you have eyes in the back of your head? No, and that’s why you turn around when you are called. Simple human behviour that can be reproduced with the  BeamPro robot to show that man takes precedence over the machine.

Do you have any other questions regarding the UX design BeamPro robot? If so, ask us on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook or watch the video of the conference given by Erin Rapacki, Marketing Director of Suitable Technologies, at UX week 2015 (in English).

Erin Rapacki // How to Explore the World Through the Eyes of a Machine // UX 2015 from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

And for fans of design, (re-)discover Beam+, the stylish and compact mobile telepresence robot .