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Eric Courtalon is the project coordinator for the GRTGaz company; their office is located in Mexico City. He tells us about his experience using the Beam telepresence robots, which enabled him to teleport and participate from his office in an exhibition at the Bois de Boulogne.

“I’m taking advantage of a trip to write a few words about the BEAM telepresence solution experiment last week.

It was the first time I’d ever been at the controls of a robot located more than 5,000 miles away. The robot was at an exhibition in Bois de Boulogne and I was in my office in Mexico City!!!! Distance virtually no longer exists!!!! I can move around without any problem, talk or listen to my colleagues whom I haven’t seen for over a year… No delay in the image or sound!! An incredible “live” experience, with this ability to move about, meet up with others without having to arrange an appointment, surprise people and be surprised yourself… In other words, despite the distance it’s possible to be spontaneous, to engage with people and look them in the eye, reinforcing what we want to say to each other…

An extraordinary experience, thanks to a robot that you almost forget about, but which is a vital means of communication between People!!!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity, and for enabling me to change the way I see these “contraptions”!!!!”

This high definition mobile video conference solution teleporting Eric Courtalon to the other end of the world enabled him to appreciate the new possibilities opened up by Beam robots: ubiquity, mobility, conviviality…

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