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We’re not going to lie, often times when we show someone BEAM for the first time, they skeptically respond “so it’s mobile, but why is it better than conventional video conferencing? Videoconferencing is used for a specific framework, a framework that doesn’t need to move.” Well, changing that specific framework is exactly why BEAM has been created!

Remote Collaboration: already a reality!

You send and receive work emails on your smartphone when you’re at home, traveling, or even on the street. You manage and share your calendar with your employees from your smartphone. You already collaborate remotely (at least a little bit!).

This level of remote collaboration is only the beginning of an organizational revolution in the business world. Everyone is talking about this “digital transformation.” This is the digital change that every company must adapt to if it hopes to survive in the coming years.

Joël de Rosnay, futurist septuagenarian, (and surfer), predicts an open enterprise, endowed with a collective intelligence that promotes collaboration both internally and with customers, partners, suppliers and even competitors.

If you want to remotely collaborate effectively, you need the level of engagement only available with BEAM.

Remote Collaboration: accessing the heart of a business

Remote collaboration imposes several challenges:

  • fostering connections within the virtual team;
  • allowing exchanges in real time, without this necessarily being organized, for example to resolve a sudden problem;
  • or seeing everyone’s individual work.

To combat these challenges, you have to be well equipped. In this regard, videoconferencing is the foremost option when it comes to remote collaboration.

For meetings, classic videoconferencing doesn’t change. But in business today, collaboration and innovation don’t stop in the conference room. They happen in offices, in the hallway, and more informally, at the coffee machine, especially when you have to react quickly.

Hence the need for a mobile videoconferencing solution!

Remote Collaboration: a useful tool for employees

The strength of BEAM is in its ability to be used from anyway by the remote user. BEAM was created so employers could collaborate with their employees as if they were on site. BEAM enables:

  • easier collaboration by getting rid of the constraints of traditional videoconferencing;
  • saving time and money in regards to travel expenses;
  • a reduction in carbon footprints, important for any responsible business.

It allows “one-to-one” and “one-to-many” exchanges, and is very easy to use, as demonstrated in the video below.

In short, BEAM is a response to organizational changes imposed by the digitalization of today’s world.

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