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Hicham has been in a reverse isolation room in hospital since October 2014. He tells us about the opportunities that the Beam telepresence robot gives him. This innovative solution enables him to enjoy cultural events he would not be able to gain access to otherwise, by means of virtual tours.

Culture à distance pour les publics empêchés

“My name is Hicham. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been in a reverse isolation hospital room since October 2014. I cannot leave the room at all, which is very difficult to put up with every day. I was surprised when someone told me there were activities I could participate in thanks to a telepresence robot, and I wanted to try it out straight away.
The BeamPro mobile robot enabled me to visit the Confluences Museum in Lyon. I did a virtual tour of all the rooms at my own pace. I saw the giant dinosaur as if I was actually there… I also participated in the NRJ Music Tour, I think that was the most memorable experience. I talked to the singers, they gave me their autographs which were then sent to me, and now I have them on show in my hospital room. Being able to get out of my room virtually and participate in events independently thanks to robotics enables me to escape from my disease, pass the time and give me something else to think about. It’s a real break that I’d like to benefit from often.”

Interview conducted in June 2015.

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