Bruno Bonnell, CEO of Awabot, often uses BEAM telepresence robots to save time spent travelling and optimise his generally very full agenda. It should be noted that time-saving is not the only thing to be gained from this.

Bruno Bonnell engaged in the telepresence marathon for one week by using the BeamPro robot for all of his appointments and meetings taking place outside of Awabot headquarters in Villeurbanne.

From the offices of Suitable Technologies in Palo Alto (USA), to those of Emmanuel Macron for a meeting of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and finally on the stage at the Trophées Bref Rhône-Alpes de l’Innovation award ceremony in Grenoble. Here is a review of the week’s remote collaborations.

At a time when the  COP21 is predominant and in a context where transport needs to evolve in order to offer us mobility that is smarter and more sustainable, the mobile telepresence robot  is providing us with a new, independent way of getting around whilst reducing the carbon footprint and saving time, money and of course, stress !