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Remote Collaboration: why is BEAM a disruptive innovation?

- Awabot

We’re not going to lie, often times when we show someone BEAM for the first time, they skeptically respond “so it’s mobile, but why is it better than conventional video conferencing? Videoconferencing is used for a specific framework, a framework that doesn’t need to move.” Well, changing that specific framework is exactly why BEAM has been created!

User deisgn experience : why is BeamPro not "cute" ?

- Awabot
"BeamPro mobile video conferencing is great! The design, however…" "Neutral", "austere" and in extreme cases, "ugly". The words used to describe the most efficient mobile telepresence robot on the market are not always kind (we thought we’d just remind you!). You are not going to believe this but it has been done on purpose! Let us explain.